Media & Policy

ASAB has always played a key role in promoting the study of animal behaviour. While this has largely been by supporting researchers in conducting and communicating their research in the academic environment, ASAB is also very active in communicating about animal behaviour research in the wider community.

You can follow see up to date media coverage of the papers we publish here.

The aim of the Media & Policy Committee is to facilitate communication between scientists, the media, policy makers, and the wider public who may have an interest in animal-based research.

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What we do

Media relations: We promote and inform on research in animal behaviour through the media by:

  • Forging links with journalists and researchers in the media.
  • Issuing press releases on society activities/publications, and position statements on appropriate public policy consultations.
  • Publishing short articles from selected papers in Animal Behaviour (based on lay summaries).
  • Coordinating media interviews and consultations.
  • Inviting media coverage of our ASAB/ECBB conferences.

Media education: We improve the communication skills of young scientists through:

  • Media training session for postgraduate students at ASAB Easter workshops.
  • Offering advice to researchers on dealing with the media.
  • Promoting science communication among researchers via the creation of science communication prizes.

Public policy: We promote and address concerns related to animal behaviour research at policy level by:

  • Representing ASAB’s interests at the Biosciences Federation by attendance at their Animal Science’s group, member’s meetings, and AGMs.
  • Coordinating and producing responses on ASAB’s behalf to policy consultations by the Biosciences Federation.
  • Responding on behalf of ASAB to EU, government, and other public policy consultations/initiatives (sometimes in parallel with contributing to a collective Biosciences Federation response).
  • Issuing policy statements and writing commentaries for media publication.

Society publicity: We inform people about the work of the Society by publicising ASAB’s activities and membership benefits to the research community in academic departments, at conferences and via the ASAB web site and newsletter.