Undergraduate Recognition Award

The ASAB Undergraduate Recognition Award recognises undergraduates who have engaged with the study of animal behaviour in an outstanding manner.

Awardees are presented with a certificate by their Higher Education Institute's (HEI) representative, a year’s free membership of ASAB, and will be featured on the ASAB Education webpages.

Awards are limited to one per HEI each year. HEIs from any country within ASAB’s area of activity are welcome to apply.


Awards are made by your University/HEI. A list of local representatives will be available soon (last update 26/01/17).

If your Institution is not listed, why not ask your tutor/lecturer to be your local representative? Alternatively you are welcome to contact the ASAB Education Secretary for assistance.

Information for Institutions

Institutions or members of staff wishing to offer the Award should complete this form and return it to the Education Secretary.

Any member of staff may apply to be their Institution’s Representative (limited to one representative per HEI) provided they are a member of ASAB.