Under its terms of reference from the Council of the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (the Association), the Accreditation Committee is required to maintain a Code of Conduct. This Code sets out certain minimum standards for conduct with which Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourists (CCABs) are required to comply. The Code is also supplemented by several other guidelines and statements on matters of ethics and conduct published by the Association and its Council and Committees. These set out standards of good practice at which animal behaviourists should aim. Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourists must also take account of further guidelines issued from time to time by the Association and its Committees. Publication and dissemination of research with animal participants is specifically dealt with by the Association's Ethical Committee: research with human subjects should follow the Code of Conduct, Ethical Principles, and Guidelines laid down by the British Psychological Society for its members. Any disciplinary function of the Accreditation Committee shall be guided by the Code of Conduct, but mention or lack of mention in the Code of Conduct of a particular act or omission shall not be taken as conclusive on any question of professional conduct.

Code of Conduct for Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourists