The pre-certification form is designed to demonstrate relevant background knowledge and understanding of the subject areas. Although there is a belief that this knowledge has to be obtained through having a relevant University degree, or by having done an accredited University degree course, this is not the case. The pre-certification is looking for most knowledge to be obtained to degree level or equivalent level. The following are all equivalent to degree level (Level 6 qualification): degree apprenticeship; degree with honours - for example bachelor of the arts (BA) hons, bachelor of science (BSc) hons; graduate certificate; graduate diploma; level 6 award; level 6 certificate; level 6 diploma; level 6 NVQ; ordinary degree without honours. The degree level for completing pre-certification also does not have to be a 2:1, if a lower level in degree (or equivalent) was awarded then complete the form but you will likely be asked to show critical insight (e.g. write a short essay reviewing evidence for a particular treatment/product/technique or in some cases complete a single module or attend a particular CPD event). 

Some courses (degree or equivalent) may not cover all knowledge required for CCAB so people may fill the ‘gaps’ by doing single modules or through other forms of CPD. These routes are all considered by ASAB Accreditation. Furthermore, with the current pre-certification form currently being reformatted, as well as pre-populated forms being produced for some courses, completing the forms should be easier. 

Once complete, your pre-certification needs to be sent to ASAB Accreditation for review. 

Guidance notes for mapping academic requirements for application for Pre-Certification Assessment
CCAB Pre-certification Application form validated course
Pre-certification Application form