Supervised experience

Supervised experience is set at two levels. Level 1 requires submission related to the observation of cases (these can be video) and level 2 relates to experience of leading on cases. To demonstrate competency in your clinical work, you are first asked to demonstrate your understanding of the cases that you’ve observed (Level 1). Once you’ve successfully completed that, you will begin to take an active part in cases yourself, under the guidance of your mentor. As you progress you will take a gradually increasing role in consultations, until finally you will be running the consultations, with minimal input from your mentor. At this stage we ask you to complete ten level 2 forms for cases supervised by a CCAB mentor. With the new changes, the level 1 forms are not changing but we are merging the requirement for the short and written case histories with the level 2 forms. This therefore removes the need for writing separate case histories (short and long) in the new scheme. We are aware that some people may be part way through completion of the current scheme, and have accounted for these individuals too, without them requiring to re-format and redo lots of work which has already been completed.

After submission of the level 1 and level 2 forms (+case histories through current route), case log, application form and references (includes from referring vets), there is a clinical examination to sit.

The clinical examination is the final stage.

Level one supervision form
Level two supervision form

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