ASAB Summer Conference 2019
to Aug 28

ASAB Summer Conference 2019

Head to the heart of Europe for the ASAB 2019 summer conference in the lakeside town of Konstanz, 26-28 August 2019. Hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology and the University of Konstanz the theme of the meeting is “New Frontiers in the Study of Animal Behaviour” the conference will be exploring new technologies and approaches that are pushing the boundaries of animal behaviour science. Plenary speakers are: Jason Kerr (Max Planck), Emily Shepard (Swansea University), Mary Stoddard (Princeton University), and Nachum Ulanovsky (Weizmann Institute).

Abstract Submission Deadline: April 15th

We are open to receive abstracts dealing with all areas of research in animal behaviour. 

Submit your abstract here:

Please note that all delegates must register in order to submit an abstract, but payment can be delayed until August 14.

Early Registration Deadline: May 15th

Register here:

Please note that payment can be delayed until 14 August, but to qualify for Early Bird Rates, payment must be received by May 1 (23:59 ECT)

For the latest information, follow the conference details on Twitter and visit the conference website:

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to Dec 6

ASAB Winter meeting 2019

The social environment as a driver of behavioural plasticity within and between generations: From genes to behaviour


Samantha Patrick, University of Liverpool;
Niels Dingemanse, University of Munich;
Julien Martin, University of Aberdeen;

Conference outline:

Social interactions, both within and between generations, characterize all major taxa, including animals, plants, and micro-organisms, and thus represent a major phenomenon. Many behavioural traits that animals express are modified as a function of phenotypes expressed by conspecifics around them. This form of plasticity, termed here social responsiveness, is very common in nature. In particular we know that within generation effects, such as sibling and conspecific competition, and among generations effects, such as parent-offspring conflict, shape an individual’s phenotype from the level of gene expression through to behavioural traits. However, the predicted crucial role that social interactions play in the shaping individual phenotype remains relatively underexplored in evolutionary behavioural ecology research.

Social responsiveness is relevant to a large number of research areas studied in behavioural ecology, but a heuristic integrative framework is currently missing. Recent calls for the incorporation of evolutionary theory (e.g. quantitative genetics paradigms) alongside physiological investigations (e.g. pace of life) in behavioural ecology studies of such social interactions highlight the importance of bringing together researchers across disparate fields. Speakers at the forefront of the field of behavioural plasticity will cover molecular, physiological and behavioural approaches and will provide a unique networking opportunity for behavioural scientist to engage with geneticists and physiologists to truly understand how mechanistic approaches underpin individual differences in behaviour.

Confirmed Invited speakers:

Sinead English (University of Bristol)
Alastair Wilson (University of Exeter)

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to Apr 5

ASAB Easter Meeting 2019 - York

The ASAB Easter Conference is aimed at postgraduate students and post-doctoral researchers studying animal behaviour, but is open to anyone with a keen interest in the field.

This years' conference will be held at the University of York, and is organised by three PIs from the GReBE cross-departmental research group:
Elva Robinson (biology)Dan Franks (biology)Katie Slocombe (psychology)

You can contact the organisers by email:

The first day of the meeting will focus on postgraduate training workshops, with the end of that day and subsequent two days involving plenary talks and shorter conference talks.

The programme will be updated and available on the conference website as it develops/talks are confirmed. More details on the conference can be found on their website:

Conference venue and travel
York is a beautiful city, perfectly placed half-way between London and Edinburgh and with the glorious Yorkshire Dales, North York Moors and Wolds right on the doorstep. York is an historic city with Roman roots and a Viking past, where ancient walls surround contemporary independent shops and vibrant eateries and there’s a festival for every month of the year.

Information on how to get to the conference venue is available via the above location link.

Updated 16/12/2018

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ASAB Winter Meeting 2018
to Dec 7

ASAB Winter Meeting 2018

Behavioural biology in animal welfare science

Organised by Professor Mike Mendl and Dr Suzanne Held

Final programme and abstract booklet

Meeting website:


Understanding why animals behave in the ways they do is fundamental to our efforts to assess and improve their welfare. The scientific study of animal welfare therefore employs all of Niko Tinbergen’s ‘Four Whys’ and touches on some of the most exciting and challenging questions in behavioural biology, psychology and neuroscience. How is behaviour motivated and controlled, how does the captive environment interfere with these processes to generate puzzling phenomena such as abnormal repetitive behaviour, and can we use changes in behaviour to detect and predict welfare problems? If welfare is primarily determined by an animal’s emotional state, how can we conceptualise and measure such states, and are they consciously experienced? How do cognitive abilities and personality differences influence an animal’s ability to cope with challenge, and how are they affected by gene-environment interplay during the process of development? Can principles of adaptation and optimality be used to predict how animals behave in captivity and how such behaviour can be controlled to improve welfare, and what aspects of species’ evolutionary history and current niche influence how they adjust to life in captivity? This meeting will explore these and other questions and showcase the range of exciting work that is going on in modern animal welfare science.

The meeting will be held at the Zoological Society of London, Huxley Lecture Theatre, London Zoo on 6-7 December 2018. As is traditional for the winter meeting, there is no registration and delegates will need to organise their own accommodation and main meals. Tea and coffee will be provided both days, along with a wine reception on the first evening. 

The meeting's invited speakers include: Liesbeth BolhuisPer Jensen, and Georgia Mason.

We are also delighted to host Bart Kempenaers as the 2018 Tinbergen Lecturer. He is a behavioural ecologist at The Max Planck Institute for Ornithology with a research focus on mating behaviour of birds. His talk will be: " Always on the move - how sexual selection shapes activity patterns"

Updated 28/11/18

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Interdisciplinary workshop: ‘Broader perspectives on animal contests’
to Aug 30

Interdisciplinary workshop: ‘Broader perspectives on animal contests’


Interdisciplinary workshop: ‘Broader perspectives on animal contests’

Wednesday 29th August – Thursday 30th August 2018

Queen’s University Belfast

We are very excited to announce this ASAB-funded two-day workshop which is aimed at anyone studying contests and aggression, as well as those interested in bringing their disciplinary expertise to this area. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together researchers from a range of disciplines in order to facilitate knowledge sharing and encourage future interdisciplinary collaborations.

We encourage anybody with an interest in contests, from economists to psychologists and biologists, everyone is welcome.

The workshop will include the opportunity for delegates to give short research talks (15-20 min) within themed sessions, as well as a chance for structured discussion concerning timely topics in the contests field.

There will also be the opportunity to listen to plenary speakers talk on a broad range of subjects.

Confirmed plenary speakers:

-          Professor Yuying Hsu | National Taiwan Normal University

-          Professor Mike Mesterton-Gibbons | Florida State University

-          Dr Dayu Lin | New York University

Please visit our website for details on how to register.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

We hope to see you there!

Dr Sarah Lane and Dr Gareth Arnott


Dr Sarah Lane and Dr Gareth Arnott


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ECBB 2018
to Aug 12

ECBB 2018

We warmly invite you to the next European Conference on Behavioural Biology (ECBB) taking place from 9th – 12th August 2018 in Liverpool, UK. For more information about plenary speakers and to register and submit an abstract please visit the conference website: .

Please check back again soon. We plan to set up a mailing list which you can join to receive updates on the conference. For enquiries email or twitter us .

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ASAB Easter Meeting 2018
to Apr 6

ASAB Easter Meeting 2018

The ASAB Easter Meeting 2018, will be held at the University of Plymouth on 4th-6th April, and is being organised by

The confirmed plenaries are Lynne Sneddon and Audrey Dussutour. Damien Farine will receive the ASAB Christopher Barnard Award for Outstanding Contributions by a New Investigator. The first day will be a day of postgrad workshops (including anti-CV, small grant writing and an informative talk on what robotics can tell us about behaviour). 

More details can be found on the conference website here. Abstract submission deadline 16th of February 2018

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ASAB Winter Meeting 2017
to Dec 8

ASAB Winter Meeting 2017

Sexual selection: do we still need to test the alternatives?

Organised by Professor Nina Wedell and Dr David Shuker

The 30 years since the publication of Bradbury and Andersson’s landmark “Sexual selection: testing the alternatives” has seen a wealth of new empirical data on the mechanisms and patterns of sexual selection, alongside major theoretical advances. However, some key concerns remain, including what drives the evolution of mate choice and how sexual selection and natural selection interact. Moreover, the very definition of sexual selection remains contested. In this meeting, we will explore the latest findings in sexual selection, in terms of both theory and experiment, to chart our progress in understanding this most beguiling of evolutionary mechanisms, and to map the way forward for the next generation of sexual selection researchers.

Our invited speakers are Suzanne Alonzo, David Hosken, and Hope Klug, and we are also delighted that Christine Nicol will be presenting the 2017 Tinbergen Lecture during the meeting. We invite spoken and poster presentations encompassing the widest range of current work on sexual selection. Please note that due to space constraints, poster space will unfortunately be limited.

The meeting will be held at the Zoological Society of London, Huxley Lecture Theatre, London Zoo. As is traditional for the winter meeting, there is no registration and delegates need to organise their own accommodation and main meals. Tea and coffee will be provided both days, along with a wine reception on the evening of the 7th. We welcome those wishing to indicate their likely attendance however, and we are very pleased to announce that abstract submissions for spoken and poster presentations is now open (deadline 1st October 2017). An abstract submission form is available on our website, and only submissions using this form will be accepted. Presentations will be chosen blind to author(s) and host institution(s). 

For further details, please visit our website ( or contact us on our dedicated conference email:

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ASAB and ZSL Interdisciplinary workshop/symposium - Avian senses
to Sep 15

ASAB and ZSL Interdisciplinary workshop/symposium - Avian senses

Location: ZSL London Zoo
Organisers: Hannah Rowland, Innes Cuthill, Tom Pike

This meeting brings together a distinguished list of international researchers representing the full spectrum of avian senses. The speakers include researchers focusing on vision and wind farm collisions, taste and crop damage prevention, olfaction and fishing by-catch, hearing and noise pollution, nociception (pain) and welfare, and emotional state and reintroduction ecology. Drawing on our speakers’ expertise in behaviour, conservation, physiology, mathematical modelling, molecular biology, neurobiology, and innovative experimental paradigms, we hope to drive forward the field of avian sensory biology, and discuss how research on avian senses can inform conservation and welfare practices. 

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Behaviour 2017 (joint meeting of ASAB Summer Meeting)
to Aug 4

Behaviour 2017 (joint meeting of ASAB Summer Meeting)

Behaviour 2017, a joint meeting of the 35th International Ethological Conference (IEC) and the 2017 Summer Meeting of the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB), will take place between 30th July and 4th August at the Estoril Conference Center in Estoril, Portugal.

ASAB is accepting conference grant applications for this meeting.

The opening keynote address will be given by Frans de Waal

Invited plenary speakers are: Sue Healy, Hanna Kokko, Sylvie RétauxGene RobinsonRaghavendra Gadagkar, and David Anderson.

Call for abstracts is open until April 28th.

Early bird registration open until February 28th.

More information:


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ASAB Easter meeting 2017
to Apr 7

ASAB Easter meeting 2017

The 2017 ASAB Easter Conference (#ASABe17) will be held at the University of Liverpool, starting on Wednesday April 5th with a Postgraduate Workshop, followed by conference sessions on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th April.

Plenary speakers will include

Dr Eli Leadbeater (Royal Holloway University of London),  
Prof Matt Gage (University of East Anglia),
the 2017 winner of ASAB’s Chris Barnard Award for Outstanding Contributions by a New Investigator will be awarded to Dr Laura Kelley (Exeter University)

As usual, ASAB’s Easter conference is aimed at postgraduate students and postdocs, but is open to anyone interested in animal behaviour.

The conference is being organised by Paula Stockley, Stefan Fischer, Jane Hurst and members of the by the Mammalian Behaviour & Evolution Group with support from the broad community of researchers at Liverpool with shared interests in the study of animal behaviour.

Liverpool is a dynamic multicultural city, home to 50,000 students, with a thriving cultural scene and World Heritage skyline. The conference will include opportunities to sample the diverse cultural offerings and vibrant nightlife of the city. We hope you will join us!
For further details see our conference website, and follow Facebook ASAB Easter 2017. 

Hotel rooms can be booked at fixed rate until March 3rd. See the list of participating hotels. Full list of accommodation is available here.


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to Jan 7

The Association for Science Education Conference 2017

Come and meet us at The Association for Science Education Conference, University of Reading, 4-7January 2017

We are delighted to take part in the ASE’s STEM business networking event on Thursday the 7th January. This is a drop in session – come and talk about what it’s like to work as a scientist.

Rupert Marshall from Aberystwyth University, our brilliant education secretary will be talking at ‘The Biology in the Real World’ event on Friday the 8th of January. Did you know game theory explains animal behaviour, economics, and politics? We'll see how animals evolved to resolve conflicts, and apply this to humans. Rock, paper, scissors, anyone?

On Saturday 9th January, Charlotte, our Education Officer is running a workshop for teachers to show them all the amazing, engaging and energetic animal behaviour practicals you can do in your classrooms. Charlotte will show you how these activities fit in the curriculum and she’ll also be handing out some fabulous resources along the way.

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ASAB Winter Meeting 2016
to Dec 2

ASAB Winter Meeting 2016

The ASAB Winter Meeting 2016 is entitled "Animal navigation: from quantum physics to global migration." The meeting will be organised by Richard Holland and Theresa Burt de Perera.

Plenary speakers:
Kate Jeffery, UCL, UK
Anna Gagliardo, Pisa, Italy
Lucia Jacobs, Berkeley, USA

This year's Tinbergen lecture will be given by Alex Kacelnik


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to Aug 4

16th International Behavioral Ecology Congress (2016)

The 16th ISBE conference will be hosted at Exeter, UK.

28th July 2016 - Opening Ceremony (headlined by Richard Dawkins)
29th July - 2nd August - Main Conference
2nd August - Conference banquet
3rd August - Symposia

Plenary speakers: Naomi Pierce (ISBE Hamilton Lecture), Rosemary Grant, Malte Andersson, Dorothy Cheney, Tim Clutton-Brock, Hopi Hoekstra, and Trevor Price

You can register at the website


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to Jul 15


8th European Conference on Behavioural Biology 12.-15. July 2016 in Vienna, Austria.

For all those wanting to submit proposals for talks or poster presentations the deadline is Saturday, 30. April 2016. You can submit yours here.

Confirmed Plenary Speakers
• Iain Couzin, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology
• Barbara König, University of Zürich
• Sonja Koski, University of Helsinki
• Friederike Range, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
• Ben Sheldon, University of Oxford

For further information please visit You can also follow us on facebook and twitter

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to Jul 1

Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) and ASAB symposium: Improving Experimental Approaches in Animal Biology: Implementing the 3Rs

Organised by Nic Bury (KCL) and Lynne Sneddon (University of Liverpool)

This meeting will be dedicated to improving animal welfare in experimental procedures by focussing on innovations in the 3Rs principles. This symposium will showcase the latest research in animal biology through two days of invited and submitted presentations by experts in the field of 3Rs research. We shall also devote a proportion of this meeting to education for our members and other attendees on key areas of experimental animal welfare, reducing or replacing animals in experiments, ethics, funding opportunities, engagement with the public and openness in science e.g. The Concordat. We hope you will be interested in presenting in what will be an important meeting in the calendar of scientists exploring the 3Rs and welfare in animal biology.

Days 1 & 2 Confirmed speakers: Katherine Sloman (UK); Gil Rosenthal (USA); Vivian LuTan (Switzerland); Stefan Scholz (Germany); Matthew Leach (UK); George Kemenes (UK); Robin Williams (UK); Maya Wallberg (UK); Manasi Nandi (UK); Charlotte Hosie (UK); Johnny Roughan (UK)

Day 3: Presentations from NC3Rs, BBSRC, UAR, LASA, RSPCA - Engaging with the Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body (AWERB) by Penny Hawkins, Lucy Whitfield (RVC), Stephanie Sorge (UCL); Educating in the 3Rs sponsored by SEB+ by John Bryant and Teresa Valencak

Registration now open (register early to avoid disappointment):

Thanks to the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) Workshop funding ASAB members get reduced registration (SEB member rates) using these discount codes:

Full Members: ASAB_MEM_ANIMAL16
Student/early career/retired: ASAB_STU_ANIMAL16

*The discount codes need to be added at the time of checkout and the discounts will be applied. Please note your ASAB membership will be checked with ASAB and your membership should be current at the time of the symposium.

The web site for the meeting is now available:

Abstract Submission (Deadline Friday 29 April 2016):
We welcome abstracts from Ph.D students, early career researchers and academics on the following topics:

Reduction - Methods that minimise the numbers of animals used in experiments
Replacement - Methods that avoid or replace the use of animals
Refinement - Methods that minimise suffering and improve animal welfare

Participants: BBSRC, NC3Rs, RSPCA, LASA, UAR, SEB+

Poster Prizes sponsored by ASAB, RSPCA and UFAW
Talk Prize sponsored by ASAB
NC3Rs Grant holders: NC3Rs have advised us you should use your current grant funding to attend this meeting.


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to Apr 20

Evidence of Animal Minds: An Interdisciplinary Symposium

Location: Durham Union Society Debating Chamber in the Pemberton Building, Palace Green, Durham, DH1 3EP 

This three-day workshop will examine the problem of evidence in accounting for the phenomenon of ‘animal minds’ – the existence and character of (broadly conceived) mental phenomena in non-human animals. This controversial question offers a rich case for exploring the meanings of ‘evidence’ from a range of disciplinary perspectives. The meeting will assemble philosophers of mind and of knowledge, neuroscientists, experimental psychologists and ethologists, evolutionary biologists and biological anthropologists, social anthropologists and historians of science, as well as humanities scholars with expertise in visual culture. For more detail see the project website.

The event is sponsored by the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour, the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association, Durham University’s Seedcorn Research Fund and Durham University’s Institute of Advanced Study.

Registration is now open. The final deadline for registering is 31 March 2016. However, registration will close earlier once all the places are filled. You are advised to register sooner in order to guarantee a place.

Organisers: Dr Andy Byford, Dr Rachel Kendal, Dr Anthony McGregor.

For further information contact: &


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ASAB Easter Conference 2016
to Apr 1

ASAB Easter Conference 2016

The conference is taking place at Aberystwyth University, UK. There will be a postgraduate workshop on 30th March that will cover topics vital to all scientists, from how journals work and how to publish your research to working with the media, ethics and how to manage your supervisor.  As always, there will be plenty of opportunity for relaxed discussions with the pub quiz (pub food included!) on Wednesday and conference social & Tympath (ceilidh/folk dancing) on Thursday evening, sea-view included!

The conference is being organised by Dr Rupert Marshall, Dr Sarah Dalesman and Dr Roger Santer of the Aquatic, Behavioural and Evolutionary Biology research group ABEB.

Follow us on Twitter to keep updated: @ASABEaster2016, or find us on Facebook:

More information here

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to Dec 4

ASAB Winter Meeting 2015

The ASAB Winter Meeting 2015 will be held in London, UK, in December. The theme will be animal social learning and culture.

The field of animal social learning, traditions and culture has seen an explosion of developments and discoveries in recent years. This meeting will illustrate (i) the diversity of animal species studied, spanning a range including invertebrates and vertebrates; (ii) the scope of recent discoveries and advances in the field; (iii) the variety and power of methodologies that have recently been developed to address the major questions in this area; (iv) both lab and field studies, and (v) both empirical work and theory.

Organisers: Kevin Laland and Andy Whiten (St Andrews, UK).

Deadline for abstracts: 15th August

For more information visit the website

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to Aug 27

ASAB Summer Meeting 2015

The ASAB Summer Conference 2015 will be held on the 26 and 27 August 2015 at the University of Lincoln, UK. The theme of the conference will be ‘Animal behaviour in a changing world’, and it will include a diverse selection of plenaries and conference sessions spanning the entire range of animal behaviour research.

More information at

If you have any questions, queries or comments please feel free to email the organisers, Anna Wilkinson and Tom Pike, on, or follow us on Twitter @asab2015lincoln.

We look forward to welcoming you to Lincoln in August.

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to Aug 14

Behaviour 2015

  • Cairns Conference Centre (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Behaviour 2015 will feature a diverse selection of plenaries, symposia and conference sessions that span the entire range of behaviour research: communication, cognition, sexual selection, predator-prey, foraging, social and sensory behaviour, parental care, personality, parasitism, human behaviour, cooperation, applied ethology, conservation ethology, and many more.

More information:


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