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ASAB Winter Meeting 2017

Sexual selection: do we still need to test the alternatives?

Organised by Professor Nina Wedell and Dr David Shuker

The 30 years since the publication of Bradbury and Andersson’s landmark “Sexual selection: testing the alternatives” has seen a wealth of new empirical data on the mechanisms and patterns of sexual selection, alongside major theoretical advances. However, some key concerns remain, including what drives the evolution of mate choice and how sexual selection and natural selection interact. Moreover, the very definition of sexual selection remains contested. In this meeting, we will explore the latest findings in sexual selection, in terms of both theory and experiment, to chart our progress in understanding this most beguiling of evolutionary mechanisms, and to map the way forward for the next generation of sexual selection researchers.

Our invited speakers are Suzanne Alonzo, David Hosken, and Hope Klug, and we are also delighted that Christine Nicol will be presenting the 2017 Tinbergen Lecture during the meeting. We invite spoken and poster presentations encompassing the widest range of current work on sexual selection. Please note that due to space constraints, poster space will unfortunately be limited.

The meeting will be held at the Zoological Society of London, Huxley Lecture Theatre, London Zoo. As is traditional for the winter meeting, there is no registration and delegates need to organise their own accommodation and main meals. Tea and coffee will be provided both days, along with a wine reception on the evening of the 7th. We welcome those wishing to indicate their likely attendance however, and we are very pleased to announce that abstract submissions for spoken and poster presentations is now open (deadline 1st October 2017). An abstract submission form is available on our website, and only submissions using this form will be accepted. Presentations will be chosen blind to author(s) and host institution(s). 

For further details, please visit our website ( or contact us on our dedicated conference email: