Meet the scientist!

Last update 26.01.17

Do you have a burning animal behaviour question? Are you a teacher in a school who would like an expert to come and help with a lesson? Speak to a science club? Hang out at a careers event?

If yes, you can get in touch with us/our brilliant experts below. Please email our Education Officer, Charlotte for more details.

Name & localityResearchSubject expertise
Jill MacKay

Edinburgh, Scotland and Northern England

My PhD was on animal personality but now I investigate veterinary education and human-animal relationships.Experimental design, animal personality, domestication, cats, dogs, pets, anthropomorphism, statistics, animal welfare, animal use, ethics, women in STEMM.
Hannah Wickenden

London, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire

My previous research was on morphological changes of mating structures within a hybrid zone and how these may affect mating behaviour. I used a British bird flea as a model. I currently work on horse tapeworms and the intermediate hosts (pasture mites). Morphological identification, Insects/ mini beasts, Mating behaviour, Evolution, Genetics, Parasitology and Ecology.
Eleanor Drinkwater

Yorkshire, Leeds, Cambridge.

I am currently doing a PhD on how personality is linked to decision making in ants. By looking at personality of individual ants we hope to understand how different groups of personality types may react differently in different situations. Ants, insects, conservation, networks, social groups, animal defense, tropical ecology
Caitlin Searle

Exeter, Devon based.

Masters is on the African turquoise killifish and its behaviour, whether it wants to shoal/recognises kin or familiars. Subject expertise: Animal personality, stats, conservation, balance between academic work and life? Animal personality, stats, conservation, balance between academic work and life?