Grants & Awards Overview

ASAB provides a number of grants to support research, teaching, ASAB conference attendance, and interdisciplinary workshops. We also recognise excellence in teaching and research with our awards.

Our Grants

Our Awards

A Few Pointers

Each year the Grants & Awards Committee receives over 200 applications and enquiries for ASAB's various schemes. Although we encourage you to read the guidelines specific to each scheme, here are some general pointers.

  1. Please ensure you are eligible for a scheme before you apply. ASAB does not usually accept applications from applicants based in the Americas. ASAB also does not fund overheads. In the case of Research Grants, please note that all applicants must have been members of ASAB for at least 12 months before the closing date of the application round in which they apply. (You can check the date that you became a member in your ASAB profile).

  2. ASAB Conference Grants are only available for conferences in which ASAB is involved as organiser. We do not support travel to non-ASAB conferences.

  3. You must justify the funding you apply for. We require a full breakdown of costs, with reasons for each.

  4. Applications should be submitted by email to the Secretary of the Grants & Awards Committee (Education Grant applications should be sent to the Education Officer).

  5. Also ensure that your referees' statements are sent, via email, to the Secretary of the Grants & Awards Committee before the deadline.

Conflicts of interest

To avoid potential conflict of interests between applicants and committee members, a committee member will not rank an application if he/she: (a) shares a current affiliation with the applicant(s), and/or (b) has co-authored five or more research articles with the applicant(s).

Any questions?

If you are unsure about any aspect of an ASAB grant or award, please contact the Secretary of the Grants & Awards Committee.