The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) is an academic society

What we do

  • We own Animal Behaviour, the leading international scientific journal in its field.

  • We promote the study of animal behaviour by holding conferences and funding research.

  • We care about animals and our Ethical Committee promotes the ethical treatment and conservation of animals.

  • We encourage the teaching of animal behaviour in schools through our Education Committee.

The membership website

The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour's Membership website is hosted by wildapricot, and is separate from this website. You can renew your membership or update your personal details by following this link.

The ASAB Handbook

We are writing an ASAB Handbook which will include more information about our policies and how the society functions. When it is ready, you will be able to download the handbook here.

The ASAB Council

President: Prof Pat Monaghan -
Secretary: Dr Paula Stockley -
Executive Editor: Prof Sue Healy -
Membership Secretary: Prof Anna Wilkinson -
Treasurer: Prof Matthew Gage -
Communications Officer: Dr Hannah Rowland -
Secretary of the Accreditation Committee: Miss Lynn Hewison -
Secretary of the Education Committee: Dr Rupert Marshall -
Secretary of the Ethics Committee: Dr Dómhnall Jennings -
European Secretary: Peter Kappeler -
Secretary of the Grants & Awards Committee: Dr Kate Lessells
Meetings Secretary: Dr Joah Madden -

Ordinary Members of the council

Elva Robinson -
Dr Stefan Fischer -
Dr Chiara Benvenuto -


Accreditation Committee
Education Committee
Ethics Committee
Grants & Awards Committee

Committee for European Societies of Behavioural Biology (CESBB)

French Society for the Study of Animal Behaviour (SFECA)
Polish Ethological Society
Ethologische Gesellschaft
Societa' Italiana di Etologia
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Gedragsbiologie
Sociedad Española de Etología
Czech and Slovak Ethological Society
Magyar Etológiai Társaság
Portuguese Society of Ethology