Christopher Barnard Award

ASAB Council recognizes that there are many excellent young researchers in the field of animal behaviour whose work will shape the future of our discipline. The ASAB Christopher Barnard Award for Outstanding Contributions by a New Investigator is given each year to acknowledge and reward the achievements of such researchers.

Prof Chris Barnard

Prof Chris Barnard

Prof Christopher Barnard

The award was re-named in 2007 in recognition of the late President's support of young scientists. Christopher was Professor of Animal Behaviour at Nottingham University. He acted as Executive Editor of Animal Behaviour, ASAB's journal, and was elected President of ASAB for 2003-06. 

The Award

The award takes the form of a research grant of £1000 and the recipient is asked to give a keynote talk about their work at the Easter Meeting (expenses paid). Council seeks nominations that reflect the membership at large, and female nominees are particularly encouraged as women tend to be underrepresented at the nomination stage. 


The basis for the award is excellence in research by someone near the beginning of their research career. Recipients must have worked for at least part of their career in the ASAB geographic catchment area. To be eligible, an individual must not be more than 10 years (excluding career breaks) from the start of their PhD work.


Members of ASAB are invited to nominate one or more candidates using the nomination form here (please use a separate copy of this form for each person you wish to nominate). Candidates can also self nominate. The form should be accompanied by a full CV of the nominee, the names of three referees, and an account written by the nominator of up to 300 words describing the nominee's research.

The deadline for nominations for the 2019 award has passed. The deadline for the 2020 award is 21st November 2019.

The referees should be secured in advance of the deadline because the nomination form and referees' letters must be submitted to the ASAB Secretary by the deadline.

We request that the candidate is made aware of their nomination, and that they would be expected to attend the Easter Meeting to receive their award and give a plenary talk about their work.

Recipients of the Christopher Barnard Award

2019 - Eva Ringler
2018 - Damien Farine
2017 - Laura Kelley
2016 - Lauren Brent
2015 - Jen Perry
2014 - Max Wolf
2013 - Christos Ioannou
2012 - John Skelhorn
2011 - Sarah Pryke
2010 - Andy Gardner
2009 - Tobias Uller
2008 - Henrik Brumm
2007 - Jonathan Evans
2006 - Virpi Lummaa
2005 - Tommaso Pizzari
2004 - Oliver Krüger
2003 - Rob Brooks
2002 - Tom Tregenza
2001 - Rebecca Kilner
2000 - Hanna Kokko
1999 - Jon Swaddle
1998 - Ben Sheldon
1997 - Rufus Johnstone