ASAB childcare grants

We at ASAB believe that our members should not be prevented from attending our conferences by childcare commitments. However, we understand that attending conferences can be more expensive for those with young children.

To encourage ASAB conference attendance, we award Childcare Grants of up to £500. The awards are designed to provide a flexible contribution towards the additional costs of conference attendance faced by members with young children. For example, the grant could be used towards the costs of additional childcare while away or of bringing children to a meeting.

“The ASAB childcare grant was very helpful for my scientific work as it

helped me to attend a very fruitful workshop on animal conflicts.

Without it I wouldn't have been able to go at all or not as long. Many

thanks indeed!”

Susanne Schindler (first recipient under this scheme)


Childcare Grants are only available for attendance at ASAB conferences or workshops. Applicants must be ASAB members or have applied for membership. Presentation of a paper at the conference is not a condition of eligibility. Priority may be given to first-time applicants, early-career applicants, those working under the theme of the conference and those presenting their work. For those also eligible for an ASAB Conference Attendance Grant, we allow applications for both Childcare and Conference Attendance Grants for the same meeting. ASAB does not usually fund applications from applicants based in the Americas.


Applications should be received by 1st February for the Easter meeting, 1st June for the Summer meeting, and 1st October for the Winter meeting.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain a referee’s statement in support of their application prior to the deadline. The referee should be a senior colleague.

Decisions will be made shortly after the closing date.


Applicants may download the application form here and the equality and diversity monitoring form here . Applications should be saved using the file name ‘SurnameCG.docx’ and submitted to the Secretary of the Grants and Awards Committee an email attachment. The equality and diversity monitoring form should be submitted with the file name changed to ‘SurnameED.docx’ as an attachment to the email in which the application form is submitted or to a separate email.

Successful applicants will receive their funding at the conference/workshop
and should bring receipts and/or evidence of costs where possible.