Public Engagement Grants

The ASAB Education committee is offering Public Engagement grants of up to £2000 – although applications for less than the full amount are encouraged. This grant is for organizing and delivering innovative and exciting outreach activities. These activities should be aimed at young people and/or the general public, to communicate the science of animal behaviour. Examples might be exhibition stands at science fairs, food festivals and community events. School visits, museum workshops, local talks and cake competitions. 


This grant is open to individuals and organisations, researchers, schools, museums, libraries and community groups. Members and non-members of ASAB are eligible to apply. 

Funding Criteria

All applications are judged on the quality of the event proposed and applicants should note that attention is paid by the Education Committee to the relevance and likely impact of the proposed activities. Applicants should clearly outline their proposed event and also state benefits of sharing their science with young people and the general public. Applicants must also justify the reasons for the funding requested, with a full breakdown of costs. 

Where the event involves development of a new activity that could be replicated by others elsewhere, the application should confirm that an Activity Pack (including a “how to” guide, photos of the successful activity “in action”, background information & list of any equipment required) will be provided to ASAB Education after the event – this will be made available to others via our website, with you listed as the author and joint branding of ASAB and your institution.

Application Deadline

This grant can be taken up at any time, although applicants should know that the Education Committee meets in early May and late October to discuss proposals.  

Application Format

Please complete this form and email it to the education Officer

Once your project is complete

Successful applicants must provide a short report and photos of their event for the ASAB newsletter.