Primary resources

Animals on the Move

This resource, aimed at Key Stage Two, covers the topic areas of all living things and habitats. It includes three investigations which look at:

Crawling caterpillars
How seed beetles move in response to light
Brine shrimps - top, middle or bottom dwellers.

Teacher resources

Created by: Michael Dockery.

Birds' nests: marvels of architecture and design

This Key Stage One resource was developed to meet the needs for illustrative materials to help teach two aspects of the Science curriculum: properties of materials and adaptation/life processes.

Teacher notes

Created by: Anne Woodfield.

The behaviour of brine shrimp

This Key Stage Two resource provides activity ideas for investigating whether brine shrimps shoal when swimming and if they prefer to swim at the edge or in the centre of a dish.  

Teachers notes including student worksheet

Created by: Tor Yip, Evie Astbury, Dave Jones, Dave Higson, Fraser Coombe, Harry Gallimore, Helen Duxbury and Michael Dockery.

Crawling caterpillars

Aimed at upper Key Stage Two, this resource investigates whether moth caterpillars move in a straight line when they seek a refuge. It links to the topic areas of all living things and habitats.

Teacher resource

Created by: Michael Dockery, Tor Yip and Harry Gallimore.

Finding food

Aimed at Key Stage Two, this resource provides investigations, practical activities, worksheets and puzzles on the topic areas of animals and habitats.

Investigations look at food preferences in birds, finding prey and finding food for offspring.

Teaching resource

Created by: Michael Dockery.

Garden bird identification

Identification of birds found in most gardens. Could be used alongside the nest building and feed the birds activities.


Created by:Michael Dockery.

Keeping ourselves safe near dogs

This resource explores the behaviour of dogs and their interactions with humans. Linked to PSHE and the topic of animals, it contains several activity ideas and accompanying worksheets including: a survey, role play and stimuli for discussion and writing.

Teacher notes

Created by: Kendal Shepherd (BVSc, CCAB, MRCVS), Jean Archer.

Mini Animals

This resource links to the topics of minibeasts and habitats. The resource suggests activities and provides worksheets to use in outdoor areas to observe, record and identify mini-animals. 

Created by: Anne Woodfield, Michael Dockery & Mick Hoult

Parental BEHAVIOUR of blue tits

Created by: Michael Dockery

This Key Stages One and Two resource links to the topic areas of animals, habitats, and adaptation. It includes a film showing footage of the behaviour of parental blue tits, and has a series of activity worksheets. 

Video (Please contact the Education Officer)

Let's ask the animals

This video looks at farm animals and the processes they share with humans. Comparing basic needs, including companianship, nutrition, exercise, keeping clean, it finds many similarities. The resource encourages respect for animals by looking at modern farming methods and their impact on animal welfare.


hathaway cat dog.jpg

Scents and sensibilities

A game for primary school pupils to explore the use of smell in social interactions. Could be part of a lesson on scientific work/scientists, senses or adaptation and evolution.

Teacher notes

Created by: Jessica Mitchell.