News from the ASAB Education Committee

February 2017


Scents and Sensibilities

No, not the follow up to Downton Abbey! But our new key stage two schools resource now available to download free from our Primary School Resources page here. Written by Jessica Mitchell, a PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University, it was originally developed by her team at the ASAB Easter Conference in Aberystwyth last year.  

Scents and Sensibilities is a fun, engaging, and physical game for primary school pupils. Young people are encouraged to explore the use of smell in social interactions; students have to find their peers by smell alone! This game is a brilliant introduction to the animal kingdom. It could be part of a lesson on scientific work/scientists, animals, senses or adaptation and evolution. Tell all your primary school teacher friends!

Hello & Good bye!

There are a few upcoming changes to the education Committee. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Cedric Tan for all his hard work and endeavours on our behalf. We are looking forward to welcoming Becci Marchand, Kirsty Ronkainen, and Ed Drewitt to the committee in April.