Why Join ASAB?

ASAB accepts applications for membership from across the world, with the exception of the Americas. Instead, we would like to cordially invite animal behaviour researchers from the Americas to join our sister society, the Animal Behavior Society.

ASAB members gain a range of benefits and schemes. All members receive our journal, Animal Behaviour, and our newsletter which keeps members up-to-date with our news and activities. There are a number of grant schemes open to members, including Research Grants, Undergraduate ScholarshipsConference Attendance Grants, and more. We also arrange three conferences each year for our members. Student members particularly benefit from our Easter Conference, which includes a one-day Postgraduate Workshop, and where we award prizes for the best talks and posters given by a student member.

We encourage our members to participate in the society’s activities and to organise workshops, host ASAB conferences, or to join one of our committees. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the ASAB Secretary for more information.

Annual Membership rates

Membership + Animal Behaviour (online)Membership + Animal Behaviour (hard copy)
Ordinary members£35£45
Student / Unwaged / Retired Members£15£25

What we do

On behalf of our members we work to encourage the wider dissemination of animal behaviour, notably through our Education Committee and the Media & Policy Committee.

We also actively participate in informing policy at national and international levels. For example, we recently responded to the new EU Directive to work with animals though the UK Biosciences Federation and directly through our European Committee.

Our Ethics Committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the ASAB Ethical Guidelines for the treatment of animals in behavioural research and teaching, which is used widely by researchers, and journals other than Animal Behaviour, around the world.

ASAB has an Accreditation Scheme for Clinical Animal Behaviourists and accredits UK degree programmes for pet counsellor training.