Undergraduate Project Scholarships

Undergraduate Project Scholarships enable undergraduates to undertake supervised research projects, which fall within the field of animal behaviour, defined as the sphere of interest of papers published in Animal Behaviour. Projects can run from 1 to 10 weeks during academic vacations (including the vacation immediately following graduation). The applicant is the undergraduate, although applications are often written in collaboration with the applicant's academic supervisor.

The scholarship includes £200 per week towards subsistence for the student and up to £500 total towards research expenses. The subsistence costs are calculated on the basis of a weekly rate, which is reviewed annually.


We welcome applications from applicants who are not members of ASAB, but either the applicant's supervisor or Head of Department must be an ASAB member. Awards will not be granted to support work that contributes to the requirements of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, whether of the applicant or other person, or for participation in a larger project or expedition. The project should be supported by a proposed supervisor and the Head of Department. Retrospective applications will not be considered. ASAB does not usually fund applications from applicants based in the Americas.

Funding criteria

Proposals are ranked on a scale from 1 to 3 (1 being the best). Criteria considered include:

  • Evidence that the student has conceived the project and has taken a lead role in the application.

  • Novelty and originality of the research proposed.

  • Interest and novelty of the biology investigated.

  • The likelihood of the proposed work to make a significant contribution to questions of broad relevance (rather than taxon-specific relevance).

  • The robustness of the scientific approach adopted (e.g. sound experimental design and hypothesis-testing where relevant).

  • The ability of the proposed work to open exciting new avenues of research for more substantial research funding.

Application Deadline

Applications should be submitted by 1st February, to the Secretary of the Grants & Awards Committee.

Decisions are made by the Grants Committee, a sub-committee of ASAB Council, during the ASAB Easter Meeting in March/April. Candidates can expect to be notified of the outcome of their application in May.

Application Format

Applicants may download the application form here and the equality and diversity monitoring form here . Applications should be saved using the file name ‘SurnameUG.docx’ and submitted to the Secretary of the Grants & Awards Committee as an email attachment. The equality and diversity monitoring form should be submitted with the file name changed to ‘SurnameED.docx’ as an attachment to the email in which the application form is submitted or to a separate email. 


Successful applicants will be required to submit a report form within three months of completion of the project or one month after the ASAB conference at which the work is presented, whichever is later. The report form is available here, and should be saved as SurnameRep.docx and submitted to the Secretary of the Grants Committee as an email attachment.

The applicant or their supervisor should acknowledge the financial aid received from ASAB in publications or publicity that result from the research. A copy of all such publicity and publications should be submitted to the Secretary of the Grants & Awards Committee. Successful applicants are also encouraged to submit a paper on their work to an ASAB conference.